Mentors: Nilesh Trivedi

Google Maps for Learning

We are building humanity's universal map for learning.

A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer (from Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age) is an old dream of tech makers. LearnAwesome is a step towards building this (inspired by this 👆 talk by Danny Hillis at the Open Source Conference 2012) and making it accessible to everyone.

The Internet has amazing learning resources for anything you can imagine. However, search engines, edtech platforms, and even Wikipedia/Wikiversity don't do a good job of making them discoverable. Projects like Music Genome Project or Book Genome Project have demonstrated how rich metadata can significantly improve users' lives.

This is a collection of high-quality learning resources organized by topics & formats and enriched by metadata like difficulty level, assumed prerequisites, reviews by experts and quality tags like visual, interactive, challenging etc. For many books or research papers, there are direct links thanks to projects like InternetArchive, LibGen, Arxiv, SciHub, IPFS etc.

This is an open-source project. We collaborate with OpenLibrary, OpenSyllabus and leverage projects like Wikipedia, Arxiv, InternetArchive, IPFS, SciHub for topic taxonomy, standardization of metadata formats etc. There are no user accounts and all bookmarks etc are kept in users' browsers.

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