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FOSS community meetup

We meet in-person every month in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi, Chennai, Pune and various other cities in India. At the meetup, we invite FOSS contributors to talk about their contribution, demonstrate what they have built, and have open discussions around FOSS in general and community activities.

Who can join?

FOSS contributors, Student developers, Open Hardware developers, Policy makers, People in the Government, Media, Designers and everyone who wants to learn and build something around FOSS.

Where does this community discuss

We actively discuss everything that evolves around Free and Open-source software and hardware on our Telegram Group and Web Forum. Feel free to join and be a part of the discussions.

If you're interested in hosting FOSS meetups in you city, please read this.

Upcoming FOSS Events

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September 2024

IndiaFOSS 2024↗

07 September | Bangalore

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