Mentors: Sudha Parimala, Vesa Karvonen, Carine Morel

A functional, statically-typed programming language from the ML family

OCaml is an industrial strength functional programming language with imperative and object oriented features. Recently released version of OCaml, OCaml 5 comes with native support for parallelism and concurrency. OCaml is the first mainstream language to have effect-handlers as a mechanism for expressing concurrency. With the advent of new and exciting features for the language, it is pertinent to have the right libraries and tooling to enable developers make use of it. We develop parallelism and concurrency libraries to exploit the hardware to the fullest. It is well known that writing correct concurrent and parallel programs are notoriously challenging, to help with it we develop testing and model checking tools. There are lots of interesting stuff to build with OCaml 5, and we're excited to have new users and contributors.

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