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A tool that helps the user in managing his/her finances, using Gmail API, fetching data from bank alert emails


Expensator, a solution to one of the most clumsily managed things, finance. Our tool is a desktop app that displays your expenses in an easy-to-understand manner, segregated based on your needs. The data for this app is taken from the bank statements using Gmail API. The data is locally processed in the user's machine, ensuring data security. The data can either be displayed in the modern desktop-app or it can be seen as a consolidated Excel Sheet, giving the user option to choose.

Expensator is made using Python and Electron. The python file is called through Javscript functions.

The idea for this tool was original, as financial management was one of the difficults aspects of being a student. Making it open-source would ensure that many students like us would use it to manage their own finances.

Adit Ramdas
Adit Ramdas
Adithyan T

Project created by Adit Ramdas

March 4, 2023