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A platform where users can choose architects, compare them, get quotes, auction designs and buy fitments and other selected accessories.


ArchX will be the first ever platform which is dedicated for architect hiring and consultation facilities. People can choose architects based on their rates and images of previous works made available through their profile on our platform. Architects can auction their patented designs as well as multiple architects can be hired by the users to work collaboratively on a project which are going to be our unique selling points. Users need to upload the images of land provide a brief description regarding their needs and measures to get first time plan for their dream home. We will be providing a handle that enables users to purchase selected building accessories and fitments. We will be having sponsored ads of products and architects in our platform followed by the income generated as part of booking fitments and other accessories. Patented ideas or designs can be auctioned among users. Users can use our platfrom so that they can easily choose the right architect for their projects. We are focusing on making this hassle free and efficient way of hiring architects.

Abhishek kurian
Durga Santhosh
Jaison Dennis

Project created by Abhishek kurian

March 4, 2023