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Bike Rental system

1.1 Purpose From the BikeBook people would be able to rent the bike from a specific renting point. And they can rent the bike for that specific time period and after their use, they can submit the bike on some specific p

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Programming Language For this project we will be using React js which is a framework of JavaScript for the frontend development of the application. As we know that React is the best option out there right now for frontend development because it provides a huge opportunity of working with the interactivity of the website. We will be using Node.js + Express.js as the backend programming language. Which provides great support in working with a full JavaScript environment.

Database We will be using MongoDB as our Database management system. MongoDB is one of the most popular Database management systems out there right now. What makes it more versatile than another typical RDBMS is it's more reliable considering the advancement of technology. MongoDB is a database that is more advanced and capable of handling big data with dynamic schema features. We will use Mongoose, which is a Object Data Modeling library for MongoDB and Node.js. It provides a straight-forward, schema based solution to model Application data and includes support for middleware, validations and type coercion.

Others We will be using basic CSS and its framework Bootstrap 4, which provides various options for playing with the style. We will use Redux as our state management tool. Other than those, we have use bcrypt to hash our password, dot env to load our environment variables, Json Web Token(JWT) for authorization and authentication purpose. We have used cookie parser for parsing HTTP cookies and Multer for handling file uploads.


Project created by R HARISH

March 4, 2023