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Local-first, Opensource IDE for Exploring and Testing API's

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Bruno - Opensource IDE for exploring and testing api's.

Bruno is a new and innovative API client, aimed at revolutionizing the status quo represented by Postman and similar tools out there.

Bruno stores your collections directly in a folder on your filesystem. We use a plain text markup language, Bru, to save information about API requests.

You can use git or any version control of your choice to collaborate over your api collections.


Bru Lang

Please see here to learn more about Bru Markup Language.

FOSS Hack 3.0

As a part of FOSS Hack 3.0, We want to build a vscode extension that can run Bru Files and show response on the side panel. We already had an extension that did syntax highlighting. We wanted to upgrade the extension to support running Bru files.

We were able to successfully achieve this. The v3.0.0 of the Bruno Extension has been be release in VsCode marketplace. You can refer the commits here

The VScode extension can be found here

You can watch the demo here

Website πŸ“„

Please visit here to checkout our website and download the app

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Please visit here for documentation

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Anoop M D
Anusree Subash

Project created by Anoop M D

March 1, 2023