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Chat Neuron

An Application and an AI Library can able to train NLP Chatbot Model with own custome dataset. User or Developer can able to train the AI NLP chat bot Model by uploading their custome dataset.

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Chat Neuron

An NLP chatbot model trained with a custom dataset can improve the accuracy and relevance of responses, making the chatbot more effective and useful for users.Our Applications and AI libraries make it easier for developers to build and train NLP chatbots, allowing businesses to create custom chatbots that meet their specific needs and improve customer interactions.


We have developing an Library and Application

ChatNeuron Library developers can able to train model by just uploading the data. An Application backend work and frontend is parallely going on to provide an easy access to the end user and developer.

ChatNeuron Application helps to end user to integrate chatbot with their application. Library backend is going on model aricturacture and helper function are coded.

March 5, 2023

Project created by MUKILAN S

March 3, 2023