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Contributing to React-Play

Contributions to partner projects react-play and learn-awesome


React-Play Link to PR

Previously cover images were accepted in .png format only. This PR allows plays to accept additional image extensions as the preview.

Fixes #774

How Has This Been Tested?

  • Replace cover.png in one of the src/plays/<play_name> directories with cover.jpg or cover.jpeg
  • Displayed play will now set the new cover image as preview

Screenshots or example output

Before: Play with cover.png


After : Replacing cover.png with a new image, cover.jpg


Learn-Awesome Link to PR

  • Panel UI fixed, by making use of tailwindcss/typography
  • Separation of data, content now in a separate js file


  • Prototype of new roadmap, which can now have non-linear-flow, children, direct editing on the UI ( far from perfect ) Available at /roadmap-alternate/programming_in_golang


  • Panel can be opened with right click on node image

  • The idea is to allow users to add / update content right on the browser

    Editing enabled image

Anindita H.K

Project created by Anindita H.K

March 4, 2023