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A one stop educational hub for KTU scholars, with access to Syllabi, Class Notes, Previous Year Question Papers, Resources to develop our skill-set and SGPA calculator and Result Analyser.

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A one stop educational hub for KTU scholars

The Team:

  • Aiswarya Satheesh

  • Ajmi Nasar

  • Chanchal Santhosh

  • Megha Ranjani M

KTU STUDY BUDDY is an academic website that aims at providing all-round support to students studying under the Kerala Technological University (KTU). Though there are a variety of sites which help students by providing notes, resources and syllabus, our website integrates all these features into one, to create a student-friendly forum.


  • Result Analyser
  • SGPA Calculator
  • Notes
  • Syllabus
  • Resources
  • Previous Year Questions


The Result Analyser compares the student's marks with the KTU average marks to identify how he/she has fared in the past examination. + It also provides in-depth inference and tips based on the analysis of each subject. + It compares the student's marks with the KTU average marks and shows it graphically. + It aids her in realising how much room for improvement there is.

SGPA Calculator

SGPA is the grade point average that is determined at the conclusion of each semester. it uses a 10-point rating system. Even though there are other websites that offer SGPA calculation services, we are including one of our own, since our main intention is to provide students with access to all the tools they need to excel in academics in a single convenient location.


This area contains study materials organised by department, semester and module. they are accessible in pdf format and can be downloaded as well.


This field provides the syllabus for each subject in each semester for all the respective departments.


Here, we offer a collection of previous year question papers of KTU, ordered by semester and by course to familiarize students with the types of questions that may be asked. This helps them to prepare accordingly.

This website is solely dedicated for academics as well as a motivation for students. It acts as a boost to their interest to study and achieve good grades.

By incorporating the notes, syllabus and PYQ sections, the users of our site have much easier access to all things KTU !!

Megha Ranjani Mahadevan
Aiswarya Satheesh
Ajmi Nasar

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March 5, 2023

Project created by Megha Ranjani Mahadevan

March 3, 2023