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MC Coffee Roosters website -A Cafe website that is open source

Welcome to our open source cafe website. Our menu features fair trade coffee and locally sourced baked goods. This Project is built using HTML and CSS only .

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A Cafe Website created using HTML and CSS.


Problem Statement: So as we know lot of food chain brands and companies have dominated in the field of coffee and and tea ,due to the dominance of such big giants ,many local tea sellers and tea shopkeepers are making no money ,and they are loosing all there customers due to modern way of companies providing coffees,so to make the local business field better and more profitable we are working on a static website.

Description: An Open Source application for ordering coffee from the ease of their home by coffee lovers and addicts and products or coffee items sold on our website are directly from the local tea makers and their traditional coffee making which we need ,as we know the traditional coffee making is more healthy and good for us and much tastier than the modern day coffee which is not good for health ,but only attracts customer by it’s name of the brand ,so By using this website customers can book the coffee based on varieties of coffee available everyday ,menu will be changing it depends on the coffee seller ,we make changes in the website based on the food items and coffee items available .By using this website even the local business will improve and the seller can get his reputation and business back with more customers online .

How It Works? When a customer orders a food item or coffee or coffee powders which is directly from the coffee bean farms will be sold on the website which will make even the coffee producers more profitable and attraction of their aunthenticity in their making. So we sell products and update it everyday and we have used Html and css as front end for developing the webpages for menu for food items and coffee menu ,and also customers can ship directly coffee powder and gifts for them on the website and aswell as the customers who join us by signing can even win rewards like offers and some bonuses by ordering on our site ,which is about quality and taste more than quantity .

Timeline: Initial Stage Initially we planned on building a mobile application using html,css and firebase with the following features: 1. We wanted to build a website where even the sellers and customers both of them can signing in and sellers can sell the products or coffee and other food items by updating details in our website which is easy to access ,but we used only html and css to build website with multiple options of coffee outlet menu .

Current Stage: We were able to implement webpages and multiple menus and reward page of our site which is cloud as well as retail local chain coffee business .we have implemented for webpages with where customer can enter their details and order what items they want ,but database is not done ,which can be implemented by us in future and make it a real working website for a startup

What all are working/not working? We were able to implement and website is static which MC COFFEE ROOSTERS named a local coffee business food chain to increase the importance and expand the taste of traditional coffee makers in india ,we implemented only front end using html and css of four webpages and we have given a form for user to fill details and submit to order and interested once can join and get emails and updates from us on the items we sell We couldn’t implement the backend using firebase for time being But we are working on it to make it a real life fully fledged website Where it can be useful for local business of coffee using DB for storing data and analysing it and make it a interactive website shortly .

Shishir Shastry B.H.
Hitesh c

demo video added

March 5, 2023

DEMO video in progress

March 5, 2023

All Project files Integrated successfully

March 5, 2023

All webpages are completed and only project files need to be integrated.

March 5, 2023

We have updated the shop page and rewards page with user input details.

March 5, 2023

About page done

March 5, 2023

Have assigned Hitesh and Srihari to do rest of the webpages

March 4, 2023

Finished creating Menu.html and stylem.html and committed changes

March 4, 2023

Project created by Shishir Shastry B.H.

March 4, 2023