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Papad - media tube with fragment annotator

Papad ( is a community media archiving platform that encourages media fragment annotations and hyper-media networking. For the FOSS Hackathon, we can set up challenges for development of

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We have been telling stories, re-telling stories and weaving incredibly complex network of stories. How can Internet standards, protocols and tools support this basic human need? How can a hyper-media Web of inter-linked stories become discoverable and navigable content for all - inclusive of low-literate people. How can Internet technologies help archive, reshape, reinterpret, and reinvent to assist the natural ways of storytelling and help capture oral histories and local knowledge directly by the people for the first time in human evolution?

Papad, a hypermedia annotation tool that can be used across devices and in regions with low internet connectivity and low-literate populations. Tools like Papad have significant potential in creating and disseminating knowledge that is audio/video-based, and therefore accessible to populations with lower literacy levels. It can assist anyone in voicing their views on their community related topics. It would be a way to preserve and revive the knowledge for next generation. As a tool to share, learn and explore from other communities’ perspectives on art, culture, education, technology, tradition for health and farming.

T B Dinesh

Project created by T B Dinesh

February 25, 2023