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A useful tool that allows you to know who is currently at your hostel.

Repository Video 📺️ is a attendance taking app that revolutionalizes the attendance taking process. Usually the process of taking attendance in a classroom/event is a time consuming and cumbersome process. Our app solves this problem by asking all users to connect to the local wifi of the class/event and tapping the cube on their app. uses wifimanager to access the current wifi of the user and stores it in a firebase realtime database. The user is allowed to filter out the wifi name/classname they wish to access. On tapping the hovering cube they get a list of all attendees.


Initially the app was used for showing the members who are curently present in my hostel. once the initial app was made its broader use cases became more apparent During the hackathon process we removed a lot of bugs. Imporved the UI. created a filtering option for the wifi to select a particular wifi.

Work remaining - web porytal for the app

Vivek Vijayan
Rithin Samuel


All issues solved

March 5, 2023

List view added

added a list view that display attendees in a list

March 4, 2023


database authentication permissions

March 4, 2023

Project created by Steve

February 28, 2023