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Renarration Web

Renarration Web is a set of browser based tools for creation of alternative content to existing websites so that the pages are accessible to low-literate people.

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We need to foresee the needs of the emerging internet users with a large diversity in literacy and culture. We looked at the web accessibility guidelines, and all of them expect you to be similarly educated– If you have eyes but cannot read, there is no web accessibility standard that can be used as a guide. See more at

This is done by creating substitution relations between original and alternate content and contextually creating alternative narratives of a given web document using the relations available in the context.

For the FOSS Hackathon, we set up a wireframe architecture and flow where each of these can be developed individually or as a team. (

Accessibility can mean something different. It can be a social semantic web. So if it’s a text-heavy document, how do you make it accessible to people who can’t read? We call this Renarration (Sweet Web), where a SWeeT is a semantic web "tweet". That’s how we started this work – can I take a text document from your blog, take it to my village and make it a visual story for them? What are the actions that I need to take? What do I highlight? So we work with the Web annotation framework. Annotations are another layer over the web. We don’t assume anything is automatic in this process. But this doesn’t take a lot of time. it doesn’t need to be an all or nothing task - typically, it’s more likely that someone provides an alternative narrative that is suitable for the person they want to share the document with. see idea demo at

T B Dinesh
Keerthisan M

Project created by T B Dinesh

February 25, 2023