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Sanchay AI

A video meta data generator | Content-creator copilot Sanchay is a Sanskrit word that means collection or accumulation. We think that It is a fitting name for this project because it captures the essence of what it doe

Repository Video 📺️

One of the most challenging and time-consuming process a video content-creator has to grow through is to generate subtitles, transcription, video chapters for creating video segments and the video thumbnail. This process is often mechanical and tiry. This is where Sanchay AI comes in.

Essentially, Sanchay AI does the following:

Input: A video file Output: Generates transcription, subtitles, chapters and video thumbnails using Generative AI.

How can Sanchay AI be consumed by the end-user ?

As part of initial release & prototyping, we have released python scripts that an end-user can run on their system. The eventual plan is to develop a web app where any content creator can create an account, upload their video and get AI generated transcription, subtitles, chapters & thumbnails.


Aadesh Kulkarni

Project created by Aadesh Kulkarni

January 11, 2024