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Shooting Words

A Shooter Game which helps you learn Languages in a fun and engaging way.

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Learning Languages is hard and boring. Most Modern Solutions to be the problem are quiz apps and space repetition software which in the experience and journey of language learning turn out to be ineffective.

But what if we turned learning languages into a shooter??

Our Project is a simple shooter. A player is given a prompt asking him the translation of word ( for eg, water ) to the language which he / she is learning. Enemies spawn each with a word attached to them, the player must kill the enemy which has the correct translation of the word attached to it ( for eg, 4 enemies would have 4 hindi words attached to them, as the player has to kill the translation of the word water, he would kill the word "Panni" ) after another prompt is given to the player and the loop continues.

Turning the process of learning languages into a fun and interactive game.

1DS20CS083 _Harsha S
Sharan K M
Fahad Holalkere
1DS20CS073_ Gauravdev HB

Project created by 1DS20CS083 _Harsha S

March 1, 2023