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Spell4Wiki > Spell For Wiktionary(Wikimedia Commons). Spell4Wiki is mobile app for upload audio files to Wikimedia commons and Wiktionary based multilingual dictionary.

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Spell4Wiki > Spell For Wiktionary(Wikimedia Commons)


Spell4Wiki is a mobile application to record and upload audio for Wikimedia Commons and also act as a Multilingual dictionary based on Wiktionary.

Spell4Wiki having four main features

First one for end user consuming the meaning from Wiktionary.
  1. Wiktionary Explore - Exploring words meaning from Wiktionary. Simply it is Wiki-Dictionary
  1. Spell For Wiktionary - Record & upload audio for the list of words from Wiktionary category.
  2. Spell For WordList - Record & upload audio files for own list of words from a text file or copy & paste.
  3. Spell For Word - Record & upload for a single word by easy way.

Spell4Wiki - Key points

FOSSHack23 - Implementations are tracked here,


[x] Spell4Wiktionary option supporting to all 250+ languages(Previously it was 8 languages only)

[x] Contributors can add dynamic words category(from Wiktionary) them self

[x] Option to choose contribution language when landing the app

[x] Provide option to change license on recording page

[x] Upload and license acknowledgement checkbox make it check by default

[x] Shown selected language information in appbar and record dialog

[x] App localization for Kannada language

[x] Increase validation count limit of the run filter options

[x] Fixed few app crash issues

[x] Improve the logic and SDK versions update

In progress

[ ] App localization for Hindi language (It is in progress to validate the PR and resolve conflicts)

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Kanagasabapathy R

Project created by Manimaran

March 3, 2023