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Group sync play video on any web page


Trisha, Rohan, and Venkat are watching a thrilling video over video call. The plot is getting intense, and they're all on the edge of their seats. Suddenly, Trisha shouts, "Pause! Pause!"

But Rohan, who is sharing his screen, doesn't hear her, and the video keeps playing. Venkat tries to help by shouting, "Stop, stop!" But it's too late. The video has continued, and the moment is lost.

Don't let this happen to you. Install this browser extension, and you can all watch the video on your own devices with perfect sync. No more confusion or missed moments. Just shared joy and an immersive viewing experience.

So why wait? Install the extension today and watch videos together without any interruptions or inconveniences!

Ishan Bhanuka
Sampras Lopes

Project created by Ishan Bhanuka

March 4, 2023