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An open-source app for managing personal finances that uses gamification to encourage users to make savings and reach their financial goals.

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The issue of inadequate financial management and a lack of incentive to save money among people is being resolved by the personal finance management software that employs gamification to push users to save money and achieve their financial objectives. Many people find it challenging to successfully manage their money, and many find it challenging to maintain the motivation to save money for long-term objectives like home ownership or a comfortable retirement. By giving users a fun and inspiring platform to manage their money, create goals, and monitor their advancement over time, our app seeks to address these issues.
Overall, this software helps users efficiently manage their finances and accomplish their financial objectives by offering an entertaining and motivating platform. This app addresses the issues of poor financial management and a lack of incentive to save money.

Project Description

An open-source personal finance management app that uses gamification to motivate users to save money and achieve their financial goals.
The app could include features such as goal-setting tools, progress trackers, and visualizations of financial data to help users stay motivated and engaged. It could also incorporate gamification elements such as challenges, badges, and rewards to incentivize users to save money and develop good financial habits.

How ThriftMe Works

The user upon arriving at the landing page is taken into the login/signup page form where they are redirected to the home page upon successfull authorization. The users will be provided with an option to enter the financial information and also their financial goals. After the information are entered the user is provided with illustrations using graphs and charts that will help them visualize and track their spending and financial goals.

Current Status

  • Initial Stage - The project was started from scratch from the venue.
  • Current Stage - The UI/UX part of the application has been implemented and the APIs for the application have been created. The login/signup API has been integrated with the frontend and the other APIs have not been integrated.
  • How did the team get there ? - The frontend and backend works were split between four people and it was integrated in the end.
  • What is working and what is not working - The UI/UX is working and the authorization system is also working. Rest of the APIs remain to be integrated.
Jithin Jagadeesh
Amal Dev C D
Hana Shelbin
rahul vs

finished the project

March 5, 2023

Finished Design and implemented Google oAuth.

March 4, 2023

Assigned design to Rahul and Hana Jithin and Amal are working on setting up Google oAuth. Added the License file for the project.

March 4, 2023

Project created by Jithin Jagadeesh

March 3, 2023