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This browser extension lets users to quickly segregate Youtube video notes, create timestamps.



This project is a Chrome plugin for the web that allows users to highlight significant time stamps in a given video. Users who utilise this tool will be more productive and less likely to miss any crucial details in a video. It is perfect for students and anyone who spends a lot of time watching YouTube. Those who prefer not to take notes can use Web Capture because the timestamps can be effectively employed.

Key Features include - Timestamp marking - Note taking - Redirection from timestamp to video - Light and Dark Mode

Initial stage of the project

As leaners You Tube provides an unlimited array of free resources which is value adding to our skills. However tutorials are as long as 24 hours. And hence it was difficult to note the important parts of the video. Hence we built WebCapture so that leaners like us do not have the difficulty marking down points.

The current stage of the project

We have successfully made the extention public. Any user can download the extension. 1. Web Capture is avaliable in You Tube platform. User can take timestamps of videos. 2. Clicking the icon in the navigation bar, the user can see the drop down list of the selected timestamps. 3. The desired timestamps can be saved and later used for redirection.

Built with





[#] Plugin for timestamps
[#] Add-on in the navbar
[#] Redirection to the timestamps
[#] Deletion of unrequired timestamps
[#] Publishing the extention on Chrome Webstore
[ ] Screenshot image of the video stamp
[ ] Download the screenshots as pdf with respective timestamps

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We are open to suggestions

Namitha S
Shivani Nair Lekshmi
Sivani L R

Project created by Namitha S

February 28, 2023