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A free and open source web extension for users to filter out websites for content reading based on their preferred priorities.

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Currently, there are a tonne of websites available for us to browse and read from, but picking one out of the many sites available might be difficult. The website's contents, reading duration, and scope won't be known to the users in advance. Many pages are overloaded with unnecessary information, which actually wastes the user's time.

WebScope, the solution is really quite easy. It's a search engine addon that gives users access to basic webpage information including read time, major contents, and external links.By analysing these data in accordance with their priorities, users can choose the best suitable page.


The Beginning

Everything starts with a spark.The majority of us rely on numerous websites to read and learn, but it might be challenging to select the most time- and content-efficient one. Hence, we resolve to discover a remedy!

Where we reached

Now we had build a mozilla extention that shows the estimated read time and number of external links in a particular website. This will help in providing the user an idea of how efficient the website is. The color of the reading time and quantity of external links indicates different tiers of reading time and scope of reading.

how do we get here

First we made an extension to mozilla. The extension is designed such that it will read a page and count its number of words. Based on the number of words we estimate the reading time. We also find the number of links in a page. we use javascript, HTML, CSS to reach here.

what is working and not working!!

The readtime and the quantity of links are both clearly displayed.
We also wished to add the content details , but we could not finish it due to time constraints.


  • Estimated Read Time: Displays the estimated reading time of a webpage.
  • Number of External Links: Shows the number of external links on a webpage and allows you know the scope of reading.
  • Content Preview: Provides a preview of the content of a webpage, so you can decide if it's worth reading in full.


Download the extension from the Mozilla Add-ons website or install it directly from the Firefox browser.
The extension will be usable once installation is finished.


  • To view the estimated reading time, click the WebScope icon in the browser toolbar. The estimated read time will be displayed in a popup window.
  • The number of external links in the webpage will be displayed in the toolbar.
  • The content of the webpage can also be seen in the toolbar.
  • The readtime is displayed in different colors which indicates the range of reading
  • The number of external links are also displayed in different colors so that where each colour indicates different tiers of 'scope of reading'


we use the following third-party libraries:

  • jQuery

WebScope is licensed under BSD 3-Clause "new" or "revised" license.

Nived Krishna
Vishakh Prakash
Aadesh PS

Project created by Nived Krishna

March 2, 2023