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mssautoplot GUI for MSS

A GUI for mssautoplot CLI would let users download hundreds of plots with configured parameters in a user-friendly manner.


In atmospheric research flight planning, one task that users have to perform is retrieving a set of plots for several flights or hundreds of time-steps during post-campaign analysis or when compiling an overview over flights of a campaign during hindcasting. Another task is retrieving similar plots of the same parameters such as map section, level etc., on a daily basis. Both of these tasks cannot be accomplished in an efficient manner using the current MSS UI. mssautoplot solves this problem. It is a CLI tool that lets users of MSS download a number of plots in an automated fashion according to the given settings. A GUI would be built which would allow users to configure the parameters in a user friendly manner. The default configuration will be in a config file and the user can enter the path to the config file and optionally enter custom parameters to overwrite default parameters, instead of passing arguments in the CLI tool. In future, this feature would also be integrated with MSS UI, where it would be added as a menu entry in the main menu to let the users access the GUI tool for automated plotting.

Sreelakshmi Jayarajan

Project created by Sreelakshmi Jayarajan

March 3, 2023