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Notes, articles, and PDF files across multiple web pages, made easy to annotate and organize via a user-friendly extension (and friends)

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In today's digital age, we have access to vast amounts of information that are available in the form of PDFs, articles, and web pages. However, keeping track of important information buried within lengthy documents can be challenging. This is where our browser extension comes in. Our solution allows users to easily highlight and save essential sentences from PDFs, webpages, articles, etc with just a few clicks. The best part? The highlighted sentences are stored in a centralized file, making it easy for users to revisit them whenever they need to. With our browser extension, users can streamline their research process and save valuable time.

Alaap Surendran
Yathin Rao
Aditya Gupta

Finally, All the core functionality is working.

Core features added

  • Getting img url, text alongside the source URL
  • further extensible code to include future inclusions
  • A basic collection management UI
  • Polished popup UI

Communication btw site UI, Popup UI and Background Worker is bit clunky and done after a long manual testing of extension API and even going through Chromium source code itself at a certain point to look at undocumented APIs. Now, onto building upon these core feats....

March 5, 2023

Early prototype is done at commit

Have some issues with overcoming incomplete Browser Extension API, copying from PDF files.

March 4, 2023

Project created by Alaap Surendran

March 3, 2023