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Autoscale Anything Anywhere All at once!

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waymond is

  • An open-source autoscaler.

  • Aims to provide autoscaling for a wide variety of infrastructure.

  • Modular and extensible.

  • Built with Go.

There are a lot of autoscalers out there like AWS EC2 Autoscaling, kubernetes autoscalers, nomad autoscaler, etc. Most of them are suited towards specific type of targets (example: nomad autoscaler could only be used for nomad). There is a good deal of overlap between those autoscalers in-terms of what and how an autoscale can happen.

The original idea for waymond came up while trying to autoscale CI/CD workloads in self-hosted infrastructure. Example: Autoscale the number of CI agents running as systemd processes inside a big EC2 VM and when we run out of limits there, try to bring up new EC2 VMs that run one CI agent per machine for a given CI job queue. At the sametime, autoscale the agents running in a kubernetes cluster when jobs are arriving in a different CI job queue.

waymond tries to support a variety of autoscaling targets from operating system processes to kubernetes clusters and everything in-between like traditional VMs. One of the main goals of the project is to make it very easy to autoscale mixed type of targets. Truly anything and anywhere!

Vishnu Bharathi P

Project created by Vishnu Bharathi P

March 3, 2023