Welcome to FOSS Hack 3.0

FOSS Hack 3.0, is the third edition of FOSS Hack, a hybrid hackathon to promote Free and Open Source Software by bringing together students and professionals to build or extend FOSS projects.

Submission Guidelines

  • Hackathon Ends at 5:30 pm. Final commit should be done before 5pm.
  • No Live Demo: We won't be having a live judging. Participants are required to screen record a demo of the project and upload it to the FOSS Hack Dashboard.
  • The Readme in the project repo should be updated with the following :
    • The problem that you are solving for.
    • A short description about what your project is and how it works.
    • A timeline of the progress of your project :
      • What was the initial stage of the project ?
      • What stage is it in now?
      • How did you get there?
      • What is working/not working?
  • Results will be announced in 2 weeks' time over email, forum and social handles.

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Important Note:

  • Only the creator of a project can edit the project specifics.
  • Team members can log updates

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